The Betsy Elizabeth Trust was founded in 1997 by Hilda Isaac in Tamil Nadu India. Hilda was the head teacher at a Tamil school founded by Betsy Elizabeth Daily an American living in Kodaikanal India. In 1996 Betsy Daily returned to the USA but left Hilda with the vision to start her own school; a school where children would not only be educated, but receive care and nutritious food so they could grow and be empowered.

Hilda saw a gap in the education system, where the children who could afford education attended the English medium school, but the children who were poor, had nowhere to go and learn. To fund the first preschool, Hilda sold her saris and jewelry and gained certification from the government.  Three years later, and with funding from some US sponsors, Hilda was able to open her second school. In 2002, the third preschool was founded. And in 2003 the fourth preschool was founded. And the latest preschool was founded in 2010.

Now there are five preschools; 3 in Kodaikanal and two in Porayar. There is also a medical service in Kodaikanal, a health clinic in Porayar, a sewing center in each location, and a scholarship program for higher education for our preschool children once they complete 12th grade and have good marks.